Quantum Products Lead the Way in Molecular Nanotechnology
 and 21st Century Innovation.

Quantum is a distributor of next generation coatings and sealants leading the way in 21st century innovation. Using current nanotechnology, our product line covalently bonds at a molecular level with substrates rather than merely adhering to them as competitive products do. The result is a surface that is:


1. Eco-friendly/Environmentally Safe
• Made with organic, natural materials
• Low or zero VOCs
• Passes all EPA regulations and requirements
• Surpasses AQMD requirements


2. Cost-effective
• A single component, single coat system
• Outperforms competitors in initial capital outlay, ongoing maintenance costs and asset longevity
• Applied in a very thin layer, reducing costs since
 a little goes a long way
• Ideal for historic buildings that can’t appear “sealed”


3. 100% UV stable
• Adds a layer of protection to paint
• Slows deterioration and fading
• Will not be adversely affected by UV ray exposure


4. Long-lasting
• Extends the life of equipment, machinery, buildings and civic landmarks
• Effective corrosion mitigation
• Takes nanotechnology to new levels of performance
• Protects assets for years
• Backed by a limited warranty


5. Durable
• Sc39.11 on the ASTM Taber Abrasive test
• 70-75 on the Rockwell Scale
• 7-7.5 on the Mohs Scale.
• A diamond is 100 on the Rockwell Scale and 10 on the Mohs
• Highly resistant to normal wear and tear
• In most circumstances re-applicaton will not be required for years.


6. Easy to apply
• Minimal cleaning preparation needed
• No need for pre-application stripping
• Use of minimal product speeds application
• Dry to the touch in two–three hours
• Fully dry in less than five hours
• Fully cured in seven days
• In damp climates, it’s unnecessary to wait for clear weather to apply
• One-pot systems are ready for shaking, opening and immediate application


7. Easy to maintain
• Water and mild cleaners keep surfaces in pristine condition
• Significant reduction in maintenance costs such as polishing floors in supermarkets, malls and hospitals
• Reduces ongoing cleaning and maintenance costs


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