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These short videos will help you learn how Quantum Coating’s and Sealants line of products are used in day-to-day applications and what can be accomplished using each product . By seeing how our different products are applied in real-world challenges and how they can be used to solve everyday problems, you’ll gain an understanding of how the Quantum line can help you preserve and protect your property.

Coval Molecular Coatings



Products in actions


Nano Metal Coat



Power Transmission Tower Protective Coating.



 Galvanized Metal/Acid Test



3 hour Acid/Marble Test



Easy Graffiti Removal



 Muriatic Acid/VCT floor Tile Demo



 NANO Stone Coat/Acid Test




Transmission Towers: Galvanized
Steel and Concrete Acid Test.




Advanced Science Coatings -
 Marine & Hull Coat



Coval Moleculer Coating - Metal Coat - Wire Wheel Abrasion Test



PDFs of  Products

Coval Concrete Coat -MSDS-
Coval-Data Sheet-ConcreteCoat-v4b-5-28-13

Coval Glass Coat H2OHydrophilic-msds 2
Coval-DataSheet-Glass Coat H2OHydrophilic- 2

Coval Glass Coat H2OHydrophobic-msds
Coval-Data Sheet-Glass Coat Hydrophobic-v4b- 1

Coval Metal Coat-MSDS
Coval-Data Sheet-Metal Coat-v4b-5-28-13

Coval Multi- Purpose SealerMSDS-


Coval-Data Sheet-AntiGraffitiCoat-v4b-5-28-13

Coval-Enhancer H2O-MSDS

Coval-Data Sheet-Enhancer H2O_v1a-5-9-13

Coval-Data Sheet-Polished SurfaceSealer-v4b-5-28-13

Coval-Quick Sea lEnhance MSDS
Coval-Data Sheet-Quick Seal Enhance-v4b-5-28-13


Coval-Data Sheet-Stone Coat-v4b-5-28-13

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